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Weight loss

Colon cleanse for weight loss

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Colon cleanse for weight loss

Intestinal Tract Crisis is caused by:

  • Poor Quality of Food

High Carbohydrates, High Calorie,

Refined and Processed Food,

Food with Chemicals/Pesticides

Fast Food/Junk Food

  • Poor Quality of Water

Carbonated Drinks

Polluted Water

  • Poor Quality Of Air

Pollution from Traffic

Pollution from Factories

  • Unhealthy Lifestyle


Drinking Alcohol


  • Insufficient intake of high fiber foods



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1. Poor Function Of Digestion

2. Infestion of Harmful Bacteria in the Intestine – Coprostasis

3. Emergence of Chronic Diseases

Diseases Linked To Coprostasis:

Colon Cancer



Heart Diseases

Liver Diseases

Kidney Diseases



Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic. Being obese is not merely a cosmetic issue but a serious and life-threatening problem. Obesity leads to  major health risks including diabetes, certain cancers, and cardiovascular diseases. That is why,  measures have been taken to address this health problem.

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Health experts advice on consuming foods that have high fiber conten.

Fiber is proven to:

  • Give a feeling of fullness
  • Dissolve and burn fats
  • Facilitate metabolism
  • Aid in colon cleansing

THUS, it is vital to cleanse and detoxify our intestines and colon in order to maintain good health and promote longevity. 


as colon cancer is predicted to overtake heart disease as the No. 1 killer in the 21st Century, it is wise and logical to pay attention to our intestinal hygiene.  But how do we cleanse our intestines?

We recommend EDMARK’S newest addition to the Healthy Living Series,  the SHAKE off Phyto Fiber.

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Colon cleanse

What is SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber made of? 


  • Relieves diarrhea and absorbs the excessive water in the intestine.
  • Eliminates the Coprostasis trapped in the intestine
  • Creates a conducive environment in the digestion tract for the breeding of beneficial bacteria
  • Lowers the level of fats and cholesterol
  • Reduces the formation of bad cholesterol
  • Gives the feeling of fullness, and helps the obese control their appetite.


  • Rich in Vitamin C.
  • A natural diuretic and helps increase the flow of urine
  • Facilitates the blood circulation, and lowers the blood pressure.
  • Helps to cool down fever
  • Helps ease the  process of wounds and injuries
  • Enhances the beauty of skin,  relieve the pimples and skin problems
  • Reduces the chance of oxidative damage of liver.


  • Acts like a sponge that absorbs the cholesterol
  • Contains the nutrients of amino acids vitamin B1, calcium, iron,  and soluble fiber
  • Rich in bran and fiber, which are beneficial to our digestive system and prevents colon cancer
  • Reduces the level of blood pressure and cholesterol


  • Aids in slimming as it decreases the appetite and increases metabolism  to burn more carbohydrates
  • Inhibits the enzymes si that the excess sugar is stored for energy, not for weight gain.
  • Regulates blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol.

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  • acts as a “prebiotic” that stimulates the production of good bacteria such as bifidus in the intestines.
  • Relieves diabetes mellitus by reducing the body’s need to produce its own insulin
  • Decreases the presence of harmful bacteria, like E. Colli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and Listeria
  • Improves the absorption of minerals and synthesis of vitamins


1. Made from all organic ingredients, no side effects.

2. Fast,  effective, and affordable way to eliminate congested waste matter. Thus,  preventing Coprostasis and Colon Cancer.

3. Reduces excess weight and lowers bad Cholesterol

4. Promotes better complexion and had an anti-aging effect

5. Promotes growth of good bacteria to reduce constipation

6. Convenient to carry around, easy to prepare and tastes great.

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